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7 absolutely ingenious gifts for new parents.

7 absolutely ingenious gifts for new parents.

Welcoming a new little human to the world can be over whelming. It is definitely so for new parents where their only parenting experiences are from carrying their friend's new born for 5 minutes. As a friend or a new parent yourself, here is a fool proof list of items that will make the life of a new parent so much easier and 99% more efficient.

1. Ezpz Mini Mats

This all in one placemat + plate that suctions to the the table can deter any children on sugar rush from flipping their food bowl from the table the 100th time. It is also made from 100% food grade silicon, portable, and can even be used in microwaves and ovens! How convenient is that!

Price: S$48

2. Ezpz Tiny Spoon

The all new ezpz tiny spoon that launched this year in Singapore is the cutest spoon you can ever imagine a baby holding. This tiny spoon is made for a perfect fit for a baby's grip! Designed to promote independent feeding, baby as young as 4 months old can be using it. The new parent will thank you endlessly for this gift.

Price: S$26.90

3. Ezpz Tiny Cup 

Imagine a 4 months old holding a cup and drinking like a big adult. The Tiny Cup launched together with the Tiny Spoon is designed specifically to train tiny ones from cup! It's sized perfectly to fit those tiny mouth and hands, it also have weighted base and tactile bumps provide stability and sensory awareness to decrease spills. 

Price: S$21.90

4. Dare-U-Go

Just like its name, it give you the courage to cook some slurpy delicious food for your toddler as you no longer have to worry about getting food on your toddler's clothes. This all in one food storage with lid and a bid is the life save of many mum and dad!

Price: S$36.90

5. Olababy Silicon Steam Bowl

One of many Mummy's favourite and top in the list of must have baby wares, is the Olababy steam bowl! Designed to perfectly prepare steamed baby food puree, allowing parents to retain the rich nutrients for a child’s healthy diet, it is way healthier than microwaving. Psst.. it is not limited to baby food only!

Price: S$17.90

6. Yummy Mitt

Designed Ergonomically to replicate the natural feel and look of an infant's hand. Secures to baby's hand, allowing an infant to provide teething relief to him/herself, mummy and daddy will no longer have to worry about their baby grabbing random things and putting it into their mouths, phew!

Price: S$34.90

7. Kizingo Spoon 

Little ones learning to feed themselves can get frustrated and most utensils are not well designed for how toddlers want to hold and use them. As a result, parents often take over feeding which can have unintended consequences. KIZINGO spoons are curved to work with the way children hold utensils, making it easier for kids to successfully do it themselves. Yay!

Price: S$17.90


There you have it, a list of most innovative gifts for new parents that will take some load off their shoulders! Show them how much you care by getting them on now! 


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