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4 tips to make your baby sleep well

4 tips to make your baby sleep well

Being a parent is exhilarating but tiring at the same time. No one understands that more than I being a mom of two wonderful boys. Amongst all the activity, if both you and the baby can rest, it makes carrying on with other activities that easy.

Newborn babies have a difficult time distinguishing between night and day, which explains their erratic sleeping habit in short bursts almost around the clock. But once your baby is a few weeks old, you as a parent can start to teach him the difference – and establish healthy sleep habits and get some rest for yourself too.

Sharing with you some of the things that worked out for me, hope it helps all of you as well.

1. Organize the lighting in your home:

I consider light to be one of the most important factors in a baby’s health and sleep. We all know how lighting affects sleep in adults. We associate daytime with work and night time with rest. Consciously and sub-consciously, we have learned to do this during childhood, and the learning continues to help us with sleep throughout our lives.

As a parent, I used lights to let my boys from an early age to observe and understand the difference between day and a restful night.

A baby kept in a lighted area can have difficulty in sleeping. He will find it tough to differentiate between day and night.

Natural light and artificial light should be introduced to him to make his mind understand the course of day and night. A baby who experiences light during the day and dimness at night gets the required subtle training vitally important for sleeping well.

2. Keep your baby active:

Interacting with your baby can keep him active and engaged. Talk to him, carry him to different places in the house, and introduce him to different objects in the house, different smells in the house. Take your baby outside and let him feel the air outside. Make him do things with toys and other soft objects. 

A Lovi active suckling bottle too is a great engagement for your baby; it can make him expend some energy and use his hand and mouth muscles for suckling. Love bottles are baby-safe BPA free and can also be used while travelling.

Little engagements are enough to keep your baby busy and engaged. Ultimately, a tired baby goes to sleep quickly and sleeps deeply.

3. Keep a close watch on utensils:

Even with the best of intentions, we might end up feeding our babies food from utensils that make him uncomfortable with the chemicals used in their manufacture. Babies also tend to bite their food utensils and that doubles the risk.

I recommend this thoughtfully designed concept of Mini Bowl. It is a safe and convenient way to ensure that your baby’s food utensil is not harmful to him. The Mini Bowl from EZPZ is made from 100% food grade silicone that is free from BPA, BPS, PVC and phthalate. What more, it even suctions to the table to ensure every meal is enjoyable and mess-free.

4. Fix a time for changing diapers:

Changing diapers may come in-between your baby’s sleep. I feel this is a territory that needs careful handling. Ensure that diapers are changed before feeding your baby. Immediately upon feeding, babies tend to feel drowsy, this is the best time for them to go to sleep.

Prioritising diaper-changing before feeding your baby is one effective way to not ensure a long and good sleep.

Also, I strongly suggest you check the quality and suitability of the diaper you are using. Unsuitable diapers can leave rashes and cause physical pain to your child.

As your baby grows, he encounters new situations and experiences, all of which can alter or disturb his sleeping habits. As parents, your responsibility lies in finding out these small things that might be affecting the sleep and health of our babies. You keeping looking for ways to make your baby happier, and I at Mumspick will keep coming up with products and information to help you with parenting.

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