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5 things new mum need to know about burping baby!

5 things new mum need to know about burping baby!

1. Why do we burp babies?

As we digest food, gases are produced in our stomach, that's why most of us burp after a hearty meal. This is true for out little ones too. However, due to baby's undeveloped digestive system, they are unable to burp without help. This will cause the gas to stay in their stomach and intestines causing tummy ache, little one sometimes puke due to the same reason.

Luckily, burping is no rocket science. Here are 5 methods you should know that make burping your baby easier!

2. When should we burp our baby?

During and after each feeding! Mummy can monitor how much milk baby has gotten and burp him/her in between feeding time! Be sure to remember to burp your baby after feeding from time to time too!

3. At what age do I have to stop burping my baby?

You can stop burping your baby when he/she is 3 months when they have a better developed digestive system!

4. Does breastfed babies need to be burped?

YES! Since gases are produced during digestion, breastfed babies needs to be burped too. Although, they needless burping as compared to bottle fed babies as it's believed they 'drink in' less air during feeding.

5. Some food cause more gas.

Come food like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and beans eaten by breastfeeding Mummy cause baby to have more gas too! Mummy can note what they have eaten and monitor the burping need of little one as needed.

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