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Convenient Ways Soothe Your Teething Baby

Convenient Ways Soothe Your Teething Baby

One of the phases of parenthood that challenges a lot is the time when those tiny white pearls in babies' gums start to show off. Or "teething" as we conventionally call it. It may appear cute, but in the process, it just terribly spawns tantrums; stimulate irritation and worst, at times, engenders fever. As parents, we cannot stand seeing our babies discomforted and agitated for a long period of time. Likewise, as their personal superheroes, it is our job to do an immediate action to relieve the teething aches of our cherished little ones. But how we may do it? Here's a list of convenient ways and means to soothe your teething baby to at least lessen his struggle:

Happy Thoughts: It turns out to be hypothetical for a toddler to have the concept of mind over matter, but you as an elder, can! Entertain your baby! This is probably the smartest and easiest way to soothe your teething baby. Babies love to giggle with your little tricks and gimmicks! Put out his toys; dance with him, play his favorite nursery rhymes, walk him around, everything that will make him busy and happy.

Pressure: Putting a little pressure on the gums of a teething baby helps them. This method is distracting the baby's brain to feel teething pain and at the same time, regulates the gums as it gets ready or heals from tearing.

Cold: Cold compress has been one of the tried and tested traditional ways of soothing the sore and puffy gums of a teething baby. You may use a wet washcloth (inserted inside a clean plastic bag) chill inside the refrigerator (make sure it's prepared neatly and safely!). Afterward, remove the washcloth from the fridge and plastic bag. Your baby may munch on it, literally! The cold sensation numbs baby's pain while the fabric swiftly massages the ridges in his gums.

Over-the-Counter Topical Medication: If you're looking for a facile solution, then you may try over-the-counter topical medications like numbing creams or gels to relieve your teething baby. But in using such requires cautiousness since it is known that there are topical medications containing benzocaine which is not advisable for children under 2 years old especially without a doctor's prescription.

Teether: Last but definitely not the least! Teethers are teething babies' best friend! Teethers condition babies' gums. But still, we shall be careful in choosing teethers which we give our little ones because not every teether available in the market are worth the shot. It may be a common idea yet it can be very risky. You can use Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten. It is functional and stylish. Unlike the usual teethers that we know, Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten comes off looking like a glove which is easily inserted and removed from baby's hand. It's made of medical food grade silicone and a 100% cotton. Another good thing about it is's machine washable.

Teething can be a painful process for the baby and to the parents as well. It is very important that we are equipped with basic tips in helping our babies ease their teething distress. If you know more tips, share them to us! #mumspick #yummymitt #teething #parenting #teether #babies

Happy Parenting!

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