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Fathers Are Fantastic Feeders Too!

Fathers Are Fantastic Feeders Too!

This Father’s Day lets applaud the other fantastic feeder in a child’s life…dad! Dads play a meaningful role in influencing their children’s food preferences and shaping their feeding routine. Studies show that if dad regularly eats meals with their family they feel more involved and responsible for the feeding, health and growth of their child. Let’s discover some ways dads rock it with feeding their kids! 

Feeding Diversity: In my practice as a Feeding Specialist, I go into a lot of homes to help a child who is struggling to eat. In most cases, the child won’t eat for anyone other than mom. Poor mom can’t get sick, go out of town or have any type of agenda that interferes with the child’s eating schedule. Having the child let dad feed them is one of the first things I work on in feeding therapy. It is important for the health and wellbeing of your child to have multiple people who can feed them successfully – and dads do a great job nourishing too!

Fun Tools: When I ask parents to think outside the box to encourage their children to try new foods and liquids, dads know how to make it exciting and fun. We are talking squirt guns filled with healthy green juice, water balloon fights with a new puree inside and even a slip-and-slide game where the child slid into instant mashed potatoes! As crazy as these real life examples are, all of the kids ate or drank those foods afterwards. Win for dad!

Fresh Air: Between barbecuing, picnicking and camping, dads love cooking and eating outside. Guess what? Kids do too! The novelty of eating outdoors and the energy of the environment makes trying new foods less stressful for kids. Dads have a way of making outdoor eating fun with great music, cold drinks, fancy BBQ tools and a goofy apron that makes him a fantastic feeder!

Tell us how dad is a fantastic feeder in your home. What other ways do dads rock it at mealtime? #ezpzfun #fathersday

Happy Feeding,

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