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Five Habits that Every Parent Must Teach their Children

Five Habits that Every Parent Must Teach their Children

Childhood is a great time...a great time to learn and develop. Mind, muscles, languages, motor connections, muscle memories, habits, survival instincts, emotions and friendships. Sounds tough, but let me assure you, it is not.

If we know the right lessons to teach, learning can happen as smoothly as breathing or smiling. The aim is to recognise the lessons that need learning and then introduce the lessons to the world around children.

Although parenting is difficult and there is no right or wrong way of doing it as all parents want the best for their kids, being a mum of two myself I wanted to share with you the five habits I think every parent must teach their kids and how our product portfolio helps you as a parent to inculcate these habits in your kids.

1. Sharing and caring

I am sure I learnt my caring and sharing lessons during my childhood. I have noticed that kids who have this habit are happier than others. They are not unduly worried about their toys being used by others or their food being eaten by someone else. This leads to a strong level of emotional intelligence in adulthood. The ability to work with patience and without stress comes from this very lesson of caring and sharing acquired during childhood.

Mumspick zeroed in on ezpz Care Bears as the best product in Singapore to introduce children to the habit of caring and sharing. Ezpz Care Bears Mat and Bowl, with their Care Bear designs win an immediate connection with children. Children are happy to share their meals with the sweet bears staring right out of the mat and bowl. Made from 100% food-grade silicone, this product is absolutely BPA, BPS, PVC, latex and phthalate free. There is a sense of protection in children for these mats and bowl. I have even seen children clean and dry their Care Bears mats and bowls — after all, it belongs to their dear cuddly friend.

Parents usually remain in fear of their children knocking over their plates, but that does not happen here. Espz Mats and Bowls suction to the table and keep things perfectly trouble free. I definitely recommend Care Bears bowls and mats to all parents who want thier little ones to learn the joy of eating and sharing by themselves.

2. Independent eating

The body obeys what the mind orders — the first training for this beautiful coordination happens through the process of eating. Therefore, I want to tell all parents to introduce the habit of independent eating to their kids and make the process as interesting as possible.

Our ezpz mini bowls and Olababy’s Steam Bowls and Feeding spoons encourages your little ones to learn the tricks of eating independently and having fun while strengthening their motor abilities.

Ezpz Mini Bowl is spill-proof — it attaches to the table, so when the first steps of independent eating are being taken, there is no mess and your baby can show off their eating skills even when you are travelling or visiting a friend’s house.

Oh and the looks of Olababy steam bowl and spoon pack, I love it; And your child will too! Most importantly, my thanks to Paul & Qiao - the makers for using food grade silicone to make the product absolutely safe for kids.

When your child will pick up a spoon and scoop out food to put it into the mouth, with a joyful back-shake of the head, you must say congratulations to the parent in you. This will be the first lesson of body-mind coordination to be put into practice by your child.

3. Recognising Nutritious Food

Malnutrition linked obesity is a raging problem around the world and especially in Southeast Asia. Children need to have an early introduction to the fact that food is life giving. In a taste driven world, this does not register in a child’s mind naturally. Parents should put some of the responsibility of recognising and enjoying nutritious food on their children.

I give you “Dare u go” – Our newest launch and a product so useful – it has definitely made my life a lot easy!

Dare u go is the cutest, smartest, and best food container out there in Singapore. Pack in the healthiest meal you can in the smart compartments of the box, and let you child relish eating from this beautifully designed container. It is microwave friendly, easy to clean and is made from 100% food grade silicone. The best part is it’s innovative collar design which ensures that the container will never slip out your baby’s hands.

Brilliant thinking!

4. Personal Hygiene:

Teaching personal hygiene is important because it is meant to be a life-long habit. Bathing, cleaning hands after using the washroom and using the toothbrush properly are important habits that form the basis of an essential healthy routine.

However, a child cannot understand the meaning of hygiene or its importance. Hygiene has to be introduced into a child’s routine through something that is interesting. Mumspick has found the right way to start — The Brushies.

These unique toothbrushes with puppet characters can be attached to a child’s finger and used as a toothbrush (made from 100% food grade silicone, hence safe). I am happy that so much thought has been put to make a toothbrush interesting for children.

Germs in the mouth are now at the mercy of your child and the toothbrush puppets. One hygiene problem solved. Bravo!

5. Active lifestyle - Limited Gadget Time

Smart phones can be addictive; as adults even we are victims. Children, however, are more susceptible to the dangers of smart phone addiction. The fact that they swap physical activities for engagement with smart phones harms them even more. Teach them to enjoy some time outdoors, without phones and other gadgets. I personally know many children who are healthier than their friends because of the time they spend playing outdoor games.

If you are an active parent or/and have an active baby, try our Monkey mat. It is waterproof mat, for an active lifestyle – be it yours or your kids – pouch it off for a trek or a trip to the beach.

Monkey Mat has a pocket to safely keep things like keys, phones, etc. It can be your resting place, your snack place, a yoga mat and anything that you and your kids want to make of it. Portable and made of light and durable material, Monkey mat does not leave you with an excuse to postpone your outdoor family trip.

Children easily imbibe habits and put them into practice. It is always a great pleasure for parents to see their children growing up with good habits and the positives that good habits bring.

Happy parenting!

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