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When should I introduce toothbrushing to my kids?

When should I introduce toothbrushing to my kids?

Regular tooth brushing is important for both children and adults. It helps to remove the bacteria and plaque that cause tooth decay and gum disease. Everybody should brush their teeth twice a day – in the morning and before going to bed at night. It’s good for children to start having their teeth brushed early so that they see tooth brushing as part of their daily routine. Children will need help and encouragement to develop this new skill.

When to begin brushing your child’s teeth

Start brushing your child’s teeth as soon as the first tooth comes through, usually at around six months of age. Clean your baby’s teeth with a soft wet cloth, or a small toothbrush with water. Clean all surfaces of the teeth and gums twice a day, in the morning and before bed at night. Baby teeth help children to eat and speak, and guide the permanent adult teeth into position, so it is important to take care of them right from the start.

Choosing the right brush and toothpaste for your child

Choose a toothbrush that is designed for children. It should have a small head and soft bristles. 

When choosing the right toothpaste, remember: 

  • for children 0–18 months of age – use only water, no toothpaste
  • from 18 months until the child turns six years old – use a small pea-sized amount of low fluoride children’s toothpaste (check on the pack)
  • from six years of age – use a pea-sized amount of standard fluoride toothpaste.

For children who do not have access to fluoridated water, or who have a greater risk of tooth decay for other reasons, guidelines about toothpaste use may vary. Ask your dentist or other oral health professional for more information. 

Young children need help brushing their teeth

Tips to help clean your child’s teeth include: 

  • Sit your child on your lap, facing away from you. 
  • Cup their chin with one hand, with their head resting against your body. 
  • Brush teeth and along the gum line. Brush gently in small circles. Clean all surfaces. 
  • After brushing, encourage your child to spit out toothpaste, not to swallow it or rinse with water. This leaves a small amount of toothpaste in the mouth to keep protecting teeth. Spitting out can be difficult for small children. You will need to encourage and show them how to do it.

Teaching your child to brush their teeth

Encourage children to take part in this routine as they get older. Help them develop the skill by letting them have a go first before you follow up to make sure all surfaces have been cleaned.

At around the age of eight years, children have developed the fine motor skills needed for tooth brushing. However, supervision is often needed past this age until you are sure they can do it well by themselves. 

Tips for brushing children’s teeth

Not all children will enjoy tooth brushing at first. Some tips to encourage tooth brushing are: 

  • Make it fun! Sing a song, make brushing noises; anything that will make the time enjoyable.  
  • Children like to copy others, so ask other family members to show children how they brush.
  • If your child doesn’t like the taste of toothpaste, try brushing without toothpaste first. Then use a small amount of children’s low fluoride toothpaste to get them used to the flavour. 
  • If you are not having any success in the bathroom, try another location in the house.
  • For older children, try using a reward system. For example, mark the number of times their teeth are cleaned twice a day on a calendar and offer a reward when they reach a goal.

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