Yummy Ways to Introduce Figs to Toddlers

October 09, 2016 Apple Morales

Figs are one of the first plants to be cultivated by humans. Children have been eating figs for over 11,000 years, yet I don’t meet a lot of toddlers who eat them until they are in feeding therapy with me. Figs are a perfect fruit for toddlers because they are packed with fiber and potassium. When ripe, the outside of the fruit is easy to chew and the interior is creamy with soft edible seeds – a great texture for little mouths! Here are some of my yummy ways to introduce figs to toddlers. 

Sugary: Take a fig and cut an ‘x’ at the top deep enough to pour in a little honey and softened butter. It is a delicious dessert at room temperature or warmed up. If you bake the fig for a few minutes it will just melt in your mouth! 

Cheesy: Take a fig and cut an ‘x’ at the top deep enough to put in some goat cheese, cream cheese or feta crumbles. The creamy texture of the fig with soft cheese makes this treat easy for kids to chew and enjoy. 

Meaty: Take a fig and cut an ‘x’ at the top deep enough to put in some cut-up bacon or ham. Or, even better, wrap the meat around the fig! My personal favorite, which is also successful with some of my pickiest eaters, is a combination of the above plus some prosciutto! Here is a picture of a fig filled with goat cheese, a little honey and wrapped with prosciutto. Yummy!

Figs have a short shelf life, so once you purchase them, try out these quick recipes and let us know how your little ones liked it! If your toddler enjoys a fig recipe you make, please share it with us! #ezpzfun #figs 

Happy Feeding,


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