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Product Description Measures Children, Women and Men’s Length and Width with RITZ Stick Accuracy (Over 1 Million Sold)! • Collapsible and portable – Light Weight at a Mere 2 ounces • Fun to Use, in the comfort of your home! • The perfect shoe sizer for parents with growing children • THE FOOTER HAS BEEN GRANTED THE “SEAL OF ACCEPTANCE” BY THE AMERICAN PODIATRIC MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (APMA) The green f00ter is a small, portable foot measuring device that is great for busy families. It can be used for measuring the foot LENGTH and WIDTH for children, women and men. Parents now have a simple way of accurately measuring their children’s feet, from the comfort of their own home. Simply place a child or adults foot, in normal socks & in a sitting position, resting naturally on the device. Place foot on the f00ter with heel lightly touching the heel stop. Move slide to touch the longest toe, hold slide in place, release foot & take note of length size. Sizing for width, is just as easy! Note: Like jeans, shoes can vary among different brands & styles. Perfect for at home use. If you have a retail or commercial setting, we recommend the RITZ Stick, by Footer Family!


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Footer Family Foot Measure
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