Our mission is the nurturing of the idea of active parenting. We help to encourage active development of the child as well as dispel common myths, which may create unfounded fears and worries among young parents preventing them from fully enjoying their child’s early years.

Those early years are a period of change and maturity into a new role as a parent. It’s a time of joy and frustration, time in which parents observe the development of their child and learn new responsibilities. In this important period we wish to join parents and encourage them in the steps of nourishing their infants as well as help them combine their own active parenting with the active development of their child. Our goal is the fostering of modern, sensible, far from idealized traditional models, collaborative parenting, as well as simplifying the fulfillment of the child’s needs in such a way as to allow parents a better focus on what is really important – building a strong bond with their child and the happiness and satisfaction that comes with being a parent.