Monkey Mat

Clean surface I could take EVERYwhere.

Dirty airport floors. Two beautiful baby girls. Six hour layover. *CRINGE!* A desperate desire arose for either a constant shower of sanitizer…or a portable, clean surface I could take EVERYwhere. Not a bulky blanket (who has room?), or something I had to plan for in advance to have with me (I am just NOT that organized!!). I soon realized I also wanted such a solution for hotel floors. Soccer games. Spontaneous picnics. Local festivals. Sit-ups at the park (where Fido just was, * CRINGE * again). I mentioned my frustration to my dear friend and now business partner, Courtney, and though she didn’t even have kids at the time, she wanted such a solution for her active lifestyle... Outdoor concerts. Wine tastings. Camping. Hiking. The desired uses were endless. We searched for a portable, clean surface to meet our needs, and when (shockingly!) nothing existed, we decided to create it. The brainstorming and prototyping glue guns and staplers galore... And so the Monkey Mat ® was born! There is NOTHING that provides the portability, versatility, and functionality with style like the Monkey Mat ®.