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Travel Tray all colors
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Baby enjoying spill free ride with Travel Tray in pink
Travel Tray is the Best spill proof accessory for kids
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Travel Tray

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Travel Tray extends your current cup holder to hold your cup Plus a tray to hold food or toys. It fits into car seats, strollers, outdoor chairs; anywhere a standard cup holder is utilized! It is focused on stopping spills in the car- great for toddlers & when you’re on the go. Easy to clean, sturdy & designed to keep snacks handy & mess free. Travel Tray securely holds cups, bottles, snacks & food reducing messy spills!

Product details + Benefits:

  • - Made in USA
  • - 100% Food Grade Safe
  • - made of BPA-free, PHT-free and PVC-free material
  • - Easy to clean with a wipe and dishwasher friendly.
  • - Light, compact, and sturdy
  • - Stabilized cup holder helps prevent spills
  • - Accommodates a variety of drink sizes