Q: Can they stain cloth? If my child leaves it in her pencil case that has a white interior, would the pencils colour and stain the inside? Can you wash of the colour if it does stain?
A: They're just like regular colored pencils in that regard. You might see some faint markings, but it's not like having uncapped markers in the case.
Q: Can they melt in any possible way?
A: Yep. Fire or excessive heat would definitely do it. Don't set them on fire and you'll never have to worry about them melting.
Q: Like crayons if you color on top then they change colors can you do that with flexcils
A: That doesn't work as well with Flexcils.
Q: How do they bend?
A: Through the gentle application of pressure from your hands.
Q: Can I glue them together to make one big rainbow pencil?
A: You could but we don't see the point in doing that. What if you just wanted to use one color?
Q: How good are they at blending?
A: Very good. In terms of performance, Flexcils work just as well as other colored pencils.
Q: Can I get these for my art class? (at school) Some of the kids there can be a bit rough with school supplies, and I'm afraid they'd break.
A: If you think that the other kids will break them then you shouldn't give them to the other kids. Otherwise, sure, you can use them in art class.
Q: Since they're not ever lasting, about how long do these last if let's say you color a picture in a coloring book everyday, how much days would you have until you can't color with them any more ( just do about)
A: It's impossible to give a specific answer because even in that scenario it would depend entirely on how much was being colored, how many colors are used, and so on. Rest assured that they won't run out immediately.
Q: Is it flexible to not break?
A: Flexcils are flexible but they are not indestructible. Bending them too far or pinching two ends together can cause them to split.