Why is it important to be playful when we brush?

Research shows that serious learning starts for kids when the fun begins. So sing, dance, improvise! Pretend you are chasing down those dastardly sugar bugs. Watch your child’s eyes light up when you tell them you’ve found a really big or fast one. Make the most of this important habit with the power of play.


What can I do to make brushing most effective?

Make it fun and be silly! And don’t skimp on the love and praise. Your child will learn to love brushing because they associate the routine with good times. It’s a gift that lasts a lifetime.


How do the Brushies help me bond with my child?

Bonding with your baby is your first job as a parent and can occur simply through loving touch. As baby learns to trust you, bonding follows and it is essential to a child’s healthy development.  When you use the Brushies in infancy, you can cross two major accomplishments off your list: developing trust and helping establish a healthy habit. So use a gentle touch and give lots of love and kisses.


Why should I worry about dental decay and gum disease now? Aren’t those big people problems?

At just 22 months dental decay requiring extensive repair can happen without proper care! Part of the problem is waiting too long to introduce the routine – like waiting until they have teeth. If you start in infancy, you’ll help your child establish a healthy habit that lasts a lifetime. Healthy teeth and gums = happy kiddos!


How soon can I start using the Brushies with my child?

The Brushie Breakthrough™ starts in infancy, so the earlier the better! We recommend starting with the Brushies at 4 weeks. This gives new families some time to adjust to life together while baby develops enough trust to feel comfortable with a new routine. Remember to use a soft and loving touch!


When and how should we brush?

To establish a healthy habit with your child, brush in the morning after breakfast and at night before bed. Sing a silly song or act out the Brushie characters to make it fun. Brush for at least 10 seconds on top and 10 seconds below to make those gums and chompers shine!


Can my toddler use the Brushies?

Once your child has teeth, they should transition to a bristle toothbrush. But if you’re having problems with your brushing routine, even the most stubborn toddler is no match for us! The Brushies are great for helping start a new association with the power of play. Once you get into your new routine, you can switch back to a bristle toothbrush.


My baby doesn’t even have teeth. Why should we use the Brushies?

For too many families, brushing is a stressful time that’s either avoided altogether, or leaves everyone feeling like they were just in a pay-per-view cage match. Part of the problem is starting too late in the game. Use a Brushie before your child’s teeth pop and your kiddo will learn to love fighting cavities right from the start. Brushing their gums helps stimulate blood flow, gets your baby used to a brushing routine, and helps prevent gum disease!