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"A baby makes love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for."

Our Story

When you bring home your little bundle of joy, your life changes in an instant. You no longer want to settle for less, you look out for the best for your baby. That’s where MumsPick comes in, we handpick the best merchandise that the world has to offer and bring it to your doorstep.

Apple Morales, a Mum-Preneur founded MumsPick with the birth of her youngest son. Just like every mother, she wanted to raise her child with the high-quality children’s merchandise. It was difficult for her to find everything in one place. So, she formulated a one-stop destination that houses the finest quality baby products from around the world!!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a single pedestal for handpicked, hi-quality, mum-approved baby products for Singapore, Philippines, and Malaysia market.

Our Product Range

We offer an exclusive range of brands in South East Asia: Sili Squeeze, Lovi, Jelly Sili Beads, Chewy Bibs, Ez Pz, Footer Family Foot Measure, Cares Kids Fly Safe, Monkey Mat®, FlatBox, Kizingo, The Brushies, BERZ, The Milk Checker among others.

Our Online Shopping Portal

MumsPick is an online shopping shop that offers an exclusive range of joyful merchandise for your little angel. We offer a range of high quality baby products at reasonable prices with safe and easy shopping experience, free shipping, and excellent customer service!

As parents, you can now make an informed decision by browsing through the product catalogue, choosing and comparing your choices and finally buying the ones that you know is perfect for your little one;  All this from the comfort of YOUR home.
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Our Associations

At MumsPick we partner with trusted suppliers and manufacturers to broaden our product range. Our associations enables increased reach to deliver high-quality products to all our customers - You Mums and friendly mum samaritan! :)


MumsPick is a distributor of mum-approved baby & toddler products sourced from all over the world, especially the USA and Europe. Our products are high-quality, safe, tested, environment-friendly, yet looks adorable on your little one.

Our suppliers offer innovative and state of the art baby products that promises the finest quality, refined craftsmanship, and uniqueness.

We currently cater to South East Asia (Countries: Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, and Indonesia)

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Apart from reselling and distributing, Mumspick also manufactures an exclusive range of baby products. The products and merchandise are curated with years of expertise and insight of a mother. And, we all know, mum knows the best :)