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LOVI BPA Free Active bottle Suckling 250 ml

Active Suckling Bottle 250ml

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Quick Overview

LOVI BPA Free bottle Active Suckling maintains natural suckling rhythm while limiting colic.



LOVI BPA Free bottle Active Suckling maintains natural suckling rhythm (correct swallow and proper breathing through nose) limiting colic. It encourages correct work of lip and tongue muscles, which is important for future teeth & speech development. Researched and clinically tested at hospitals in Poland. Unique Features * Comes with patented Dynamic Teat * BPA free bottle allows proper breathing through nose by following Active Suckling Reflex. * Correct muscle use ensures correct future teeth development and speech development * Promotes correct swallowing (without dripping and choking) which limits colic. * Compatible with all LOVI nursing and feeding accessories. * Design Structure The Active Suckling bottle can withstand heat up to 100 degrees Celsius and is free of bisphenol - A (BPA-Free), a substance that is harmful to the operation and growth of a child. Ergonomically contoured shape allows the bottle to hold and move to the rhythm of the baby's suckling. Bottle comes with lid for use when traveling. Feeding cup/hood has measuring scale and can be used for alternate feeding. The bottle is compatible with accessories; breast pump, spout and handle options by LOVI. Functions LOVI Active Suckling Bottle follows Active Suckling Reflex,a baby's natural suckling rhythm. Babies suckling follow Active Suckling Reflex on a mother’s breast as well as on Dynamic Teat so it does not confuse the baby and she can be bottle fed while breast feeding. Maintains the pace of suction as from the maternal breast. (To suckle 42-84 times per minute and to swallow once every 3-5 suctions). Correct suckling rhythm allows the baby to breathe properly through nose. Less amount of air ingested through mouth reduces the amount of colic. Dynamic Teat follows natural development of correct oral muscles as during active suckling on mother’s breast protecting the natural teeth and speech development.