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Chevron Bandana Bib Set

Chevron Bandana Bib Set

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Matimati Baby Bandana Drool bibs feature a unique design that make them both functional and incredibly stylish at the same time. We understand that teething, drooling, and spit ups are inevitable in a baby's life so we have created this practical "drool catching"accessory to hopefully make a parent's life a little bit easier.

Matimati bandana drool bibs are most importantly FUNCTIONAL! (Because who has ever bought a baby product that is super cute but doesn't work?!) These drool bibs have been carefully designed by a mom of a serious "drool monster" for other moms and dads, and thier little drooling babes.

The Matimati Bandana bibs are

  • Super Absorbent - Every bib is made with two layers of fabric to increase absorbency. The front is made of 100% soft organic cotton, and back layer is a super absorbent polyster fleece. WE got rid of the traditional plastic backing so Matimati bibs do not have a crunchy feel and sound to them.

  • Extra Comfortable - The Matimati bib is extra soft unlike other bibs that are so stiff that don't lie flat on your baby's chest and always seem to be bunched up in thier face.

  • Made With Adjustable Snaps - Each bib is made with 2 nickle-free snaps to provide different sizes as your baby grows (Recommended ages 3-24 months.) The snaps allow the bib to stay in place making it hard for your baby to easily pull it off. Snaps are also better than velcro as velcro tends to lose its "sticks". scratch your baby's delicate skin, and damage other pieces of clothing in the laundry.